At the peak of the pandemic, Keystream Analytics (KA) had to very quickly shift their focus onto finding ways to collect data rather than analyse. Platforms to collect new types of data had to be developed rapidly and it was the first time that KA was involved in building systems to capture data such as:

The unique challenges of the unprecedented pandemic led Keystream Analytics to be more involved in developing low-code systems, in order to capture Covid-19 related data for healthcare organisations, using PowerApps and Microsoft Forms.

Presented below is a series of key initiatives that KA have designed and implemented, within days at minimal cost. This provides an opportunity to learn from how KA have responded and adapted in collating pandemic-related data at London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust (LNWH).

Covid-19 Vaccination Registration, Screening & Booking Solution

What was the challenge?

The first batch of Pfizer vaccine was due to roll out at LNWH for the first time, therefore a system for registration, self-service appointment booking solution was needed.

How did we respond?

Keystream Analytics designed and developed two forms at minimal cost, one which enabled staff to perform a series of self-test health checks in order to see whether they qualify to take the vaccine, and the other being able to register and schedule a date and time.

Mortuary Capacity System & Reporting

What was the challenge?

Across LNWHT, the mortuary managers complete spread sheets on a daily basis, which can lead to inaccurate and inconsistent reporting across sites due to shortage of staff. During Covid-19, there was an essential need to report mortuary capacity on a daily basis, which placed a huge strain on mortuary managers to work 7 days a week.

How did we respond?

Keystream Analytics worked closely with Mortuary Manager at Ealing Hospital to design and develop a new solution. An application on an iPad with the ability for real time reporting on capacity using PowerApps.

The app was tested by porters who plan to use the app on the weekend and evenings when mortuary managers are not there.

Staff Sickness Reporting

What was the challenge?

HR at LNWHT was unable report sickness figures accurately on a daily basis due to the manual and time-consuming effort that was in place due to Covid-19 cases arising rapidly.

How did we respond?

Keystream Analytics worked with colleagues in HR to design and develop a new online form and process using Microsoft Forms.

Automation was implemented so managers can report sick days using a single point of entry instead of emailing HR, where sickness data can be reported easily in real time. Furthermore, it also generated an accurate tally of staff being able to return to work which allowed further ease during work shifts for each department.

Workforce Mask Fit Testing

What was the challenge?

The Trust was informed, under government guidance, that they had to fit test all staff in high risk areas within two weeks. Having an online booking system was vital for this.

How did we respond?

Keystream Analytics was able to provide the necessary expertise and infrastructure to get the system in place and support the front-line clinicians.

Workforce working for the Trust can quickly and securely book a fit test via the App across the Trust’s hospital sites.

Covid-19 Patient Flow Reporting

What was the challenge?

An Emergency Department Consultant maintained an excel spreadsheet to manage patient flow during the peak of the Covid-19 Pandemic

How did we respond?

Using PowerApps, Keystream Analytics developed an app to replace the excel spread sheet. The logic generated by the consultant was applied to patients entering A&E to determine their Covid-19 status:

– Unlikely

– Uncertain

– Likely COVID

– Missing Data

Staff & Household COVID-19 SWAB Tests Results & Booking System

What was the challenge?

During the peak of the pandemic, the Occupational Health team needed to identify, track and schedule staff and their households for immediate testing. This testing had to prioritised for staff that reported sickness related to Covid-19. The system also needed to store staff test results.

How did we respond?

Keystream Analytics worked with HR and Occupational Health to set-up a system with pre-linked Employee and Clinical data. The linking involved applying fuzzy logic programming across Electronic Staff Record (ESR) and Patient Administration System(PAS) to identify staff records and Covid-19 test results.

It offered intuitive graphical day, week, and month views to assist staff to better manage appointment and event driven tasks.

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