“Keystream Analytics helped with numerous challenging NHS data projects. I was impressed by Keystream Analytics technical knowledge and patience with the projects and delighted with the results. Because of the success of the projects, DBTH NHS Trust is now able to report on wide ranging, complex data sets with the ability to drill down from Trust to divisional and specialty level via the dashboards. In the long term, this will help the Trust to identify gaps in our delivery capabilities. Thank you so much for all your work on this – Keystream Analytics have worked incredibly hard to get to where we are now and the light at the end of the Integrated Quality Performance Report (IQPR) tunnel is definitely in sight!”

Julie Thornton MSc, Head of Performance Doncaster & Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

IQPR Dashboard at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals (DTBH)

NHS Trusts around the UK put great emphasis on the quality of their services. They seek to deliver high quality care that is effective, safe and meets the needs of their users, providing a positive and supportive experience for those who use their services and their clinicians.

However, when it comes to producing these reports they are often static (excel spreadsheets) and only offer insight relevant to specific time periods and areas. This is where Keystream Analytics offers a dynamic solution (Power BI Reports) with functionality that allows users to interact rather than merely viewing them on-page. The interactivity through Power BI is immense as it enables to drill down to multiple divisions such as Medicine, Surgery, Children & Families and Clinical Specialties.

At Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals (DBTH), the Integrated Quality and Performance Report (IQPR) dashboard has been developed using data from multiple sources to measure the quality of care that they provide to their patients as well as the workforce behind it. As a Trust, they have the following areas to monitor:

  • Finance
  • People
  • Patient
  • Performance

The Workforce is encouraged by DBTH to review this dashboard on a regular and frequent basis in order to understand the Trust’s current position with respect to the services they deliver.

Having an Online IQPR Dashboard has been extremely beneficial for the workforce at DBTH Trust. It enables regular discussions through meetings to monitor the Trust each month and over a period of time with the ability to drill down to Division and Specialty. Areas of concern are highlighted by the dashboard using gauges and KPIs tracked by managers and executives.

Furthermore, monitoring the dashboard at their monthly meetings helps them understand where DBTH stands and identify areas that need improvement.

Mock-up Overview of an IQPR Dashboard

The first page is the initial Trust level monthly overview.

It captures the overall performance of the Trust. This is calculated by all the individual KPIs that consist in each area of the Trust. Then divided by each area an overall percentage for the Trust is produced.

At a glance this structure show which areas need improvements and focuses discussions.

It also shows the different KPI measures and its performance using green, amber and red, giving an initial insight before delving into the rest of the Dashboard.

**The figures are only for display purposes and do not correspond to real data from any Trust, due to confidentiality**

Urgent & Emergency Care KPIs – Current Month

This page is an example of all the existing KPIs that are related to the Urgent & Emergency Care Department. These are divided in:

  • Ambulance Handovers
  • EM Wait Times
  • Critical Time Standards
  • Admission Wait Time

This allows the user to analyse each individual KPIs and track individual performances by Hospital Sites using the drill-down interactive tool.

It also shows the total number of attendances in the month of March 2022. Furthermore, this dashboard will be refreshed every month with up-to-date data.

**The figures are only for display purposes and do not correspond to real data from any Trust, due to confidentiality**

Urgent & Emergency Care – Trend Lines for Previous Months

The next segment helps the user to carry out trend analysis of each KPI shown previously on a monthly basis.

The Sparkline table gives you a clear and compact graphical representation of data adjacent to it. Those KPIs are distinguished by following the rule of the RAG Status, indicating how well they are doing using the series traffic lights. A green indicator means the target has been hit, amber to show there is room for improvement and lastly red to indicate action is needed.

Furthermore, fuelled with interactivity the lines displayed in the Sparkline section, allows the user in Power BI to hover over and generate a comparison of the current month vs the previous month for more data insight.

**The figures are only for display purposes and do not correspond to real data from any Trust, due to confidentiality**

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