“CDS COO & Clinical Director were very impressed and thanked all involved for the hard work, so thank you to everyone involved from Keystream”
“I echo Jamie’s words and thank everyone involved in supporting this project and the support from Keystream”
J Williams & M Woods

Client Location: England, UK

Industry: Healthcare

Team Location: London, England

Client Background

Community Dental Services (CDS) is an employee-owned social enterprise CIC delivering clinical dental and Oral Health Promotion services throughout England, United Kingdom. They provide nationwide services from 56 clinics and consistently achieve patient satisfaction rates of 98%.

As a social enterprise, they combine a public service ethos with the innovation and dynamism of a business and emerged with a vision and a belief that being a competitive, well-run and profitable business is the best way of achieving social aims.

Business Challenge

CDS struggled to gather and execute internal and external reporting requirements in an effective and efficient manner. They recognised the need to make better use of information to support decision making, reporting and informing commissioners.

In order to make effective business decisions, CDS needed to have easy access to informative and intuitive reports that combine data from the many sources throughout the organisation. Therefore, CDS was seeking a transformation of its analytical capabilities with a new Business Intelligence solution (BI).

Partnership Period:


Transformative Analytics Solution

Apr 2020 – Jan 2021


Commissioner KPI Dashboards

Mar 2020 – Dec 2021


Technical Training for CDS

Jan 2022

Keystream Analytics approach

Keystream Analytics experts proposed a new BI solution by using the latest Data Warehouse technology and offering a self-service portal for business users in 4 effective steps:

1) Establish the Data – create new dimensions to the data to create intelligence led analytics and create a new optimised central data repository by centralising the data from CDS functions.

2) Build the Infrastructure – develop a multidimensional solution (Microsoft SSAS) to integrate data sources.

3) Build the Self-Service Portal – construct a portal and interfaces for end-user reporting via Power BI – all developed on a scalable cloud-based environment called Microsoft Azure.

4) Establish an effective BI Service – work with internal CDS workforce, CCG’s and partner organisations to establish reporting mechanisms, provide a self- service BI portal and produce standardised reports and visualisation for end users.

This approach provided CDS with improved tools and mechanisms to enable data-led insights and better decision making.

Value Delivered

PHASE 1: Transformative Business Intelligence

To eliminate the processes used to complete time-consuming manual reports, experts at Keystream Analytics have introduced a BI Solution.

Each of their 8 regions, Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Bedfordshire, Essex, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire, had their own clinical systems called either SOEI or R4. Alongside, was the HR system, IRIS Cascade and the finance data system called Sage X3.


The development of a Data Warehouse enabled all the above-mentioned to be joined and stored in one central data repository. This allowed CDS to run multiple set of reports without the need for their workforce to manipulate and translate data manually.

The data from relational databases in the central repository environment was used to extract, transform and load (ETL) into an online analytical processing (OLAP) engine. Using Microsoft Power BI report server, Keystream Analytics constructed a self-service portal to visualise information from the OLAP engine to drive business results for end users.

This transition has been transformative for CDS, minimising human errors, manual collections and time-consuming reports.

PHASE 2: Key Performance Indicators Dashboards

CDS being a social enterprise, their services are predominantly commissioned by either Health England or Local Authorities to deliver NHS dental care and oral health improvement advice to a wide range of people across a diverse range of communities.

The initial dashboards produced in Power BI, were also aimed at Clinical Commissioning Groups(CCG), who are responsible for making the final decisions within the CCG. They are accountable to NHS England, member practices, as well as the public.

Keystream Analytics experts worked closely on a weekly basis with each region, to produce complex Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), where alongside operational directors, clinicians and program managers they gathered specific requirements acquired from CCG commissioners.

Expertise Delivered:

Central Data Warehouse

Multidimensional Data Cube

Power BI Dashboards

Complex KPIs



Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft BI Stack

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft SQL Server Management 2019


Project Leader:

Azhin Abdulla

BI an Analytics Director & Co-Founder

Outcome of the BI Solution

  • Maintaining the information environment
  • Understanding of, and proficiency in using, the technology in place:

• SQL database

• Cube

• Excel working with Cube


  • Understanding data sources and how/when to update data warehouse
  • Producing reports
  • Expertise to assist any urgent business request or anything more technical
  • Management and BI representation

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